Career Development..Check out this link!

Posted by Brenda MacGillivray on Friday, September 7, 2012
Hey check out this link.
From time to time I get questions about career counselling and I have supporting individuals who were struggling to find a way to pursue meaningful life work, so I wanted to add my niece's link because her introduction to her business support is so inspiring.
Yes this is my niece's business in Chicago, IL so I'll declare that again...right from the get go!  She's been tapping into her creative potential her whole life.  This 30 something Mom is creating a life by of her own design and realizing her potential to develop her dreams and she's not afraid to make mistakes and learn, learn, learn!

I like this intro because it really is about not compromising your desire to find meaningful work...I know it can be tough, very tough but it's so worth finding a way for you to be true to your hearts desire and explore your potential.  You were born to daring!

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