Connecting to our Authentic Selves

Posted by Brenda MacGillivray on Friday, April 24, 2015
It's been a while since I've posted any reflections but as I prepare to move my office from the beautiful, heritage building to my new location closer to the bike path at the end of May,  (can you tell my hope for cycling to work is alive and well), I felt inspired to write a few reflections.; I was thinking about how my practice is so enriched by the wonderful people I have the priviledge to work with; coworkers and clients.

As each individual settles into the knowledge that they are creating and recreating their own story; as they settle into the beauty of who they truly are;  as they shed the misconceptions, social conditioning and messages that others may have tried to wrap them in;  I begin to witness this strength, a strenghthening of their personal agency,  this movement towards reclaiming more and more of their authentic selves.  As a therapist;  this is such a priviledge process to support.  

Each and every individual has that power within them...often hidden by messages they may have heard that really are someone else's story for them...someone else's voice...yet, when they can connect to their authentic voice; and listen to the sound, the vibrations created within ...that no one else can duplicate;  that are unique to each; they hear, sometimes for the first time in their life...their own voice and eventually...get more courage to answer to who is calling out to them...and connect to...their amazing, authentic self...

Keep claiming your create the life that has meaning for you..
Peace and prosperity always,


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