"You must navigate your own boat and set sail for your hearts desire"   Brenda

Designs for Creative Growth Therapy also provides worshops for children, youth, adults, seniors, schools and corporations with one simple goal in mind;
To encourage creative growth
and INVITE change.  How? By designing creative, interactive, FUN worshops that involve visual arts, dance and drama we ignite the creative impulse in all of us and begin to experience expansion and solutions for growth never realized!

Brenda MacGillivray, CEO, Facilitator and Workshop Development Expert.  BAA/CYS, MSW, RSW 


Brenda holds a degree in Child & 

Adolescent Development & a Masters

in Clinical Social Work.  

She has studied at Nova Scotia College of Art & Design; a renowned art institute located throughout historic properties in Halifax, NS.

Brenda also studied at the University of Western Ontario; UWO Visual Arts in London, ON.  Her art work was chosen for exhibit in the yearly student art show.

After working for over 20 years in diverse professional settings focused on health and development; Brenda completed her Masters in Clinical Social Work at Wilfrid Laurier University in Kitchener/Waterloo, ON in 2011.

Brenda is committed to helping

grow creativity and empower

individuals to discover their

individuality.  She is a genuine and

authentic human being who believes in 

the potential within every person to 

connect to their own authentic truth 

and inspiration.

She has supported healing and creative 

growth for more than 25 years in her 

diverse professional roles; and as an 

Drawing Instructor in her home studio 

when she took 8 years off to 

stay at home to be with her children.  

Brenda continued to support  her 

community by teaching drawing to 

children and youth by supporting the 

London Food Bank: Art for All Kids 


She developed,  facilitated and 

volunteered her time and talents to 

creating,  The Women's Dance;  a group 

for Mom's at Child Reach, a  

local drop and parent education 

centre in London, ON.  

Brenda is a dedicated, multi-

talented, creative and inspiring woman. 

She genuinely cares about people and 

demonstrates her committment to 

others in her personal and professional 


Brenda resides in London, ON with 

her spouse Joe, their 2 amazing, 

creative daughters, 2 fish, 2 rabbits 

and a dog named Tilley.


Brenda's experience includes work 

with children, youth, adults 

and families in many settings 

including schools, hospitals, and 

social service agencies. "Since 

2011 I have been growing my 

private practice and I love my 

work and I continue to be inspired 

by the individuals I am priviledged 

to work with.  "Their courage is an 

ongoing inspiration and fuels my 

hope and belief in the resiliency of 

the human spirit." 

Peace & Strength 



  “Creative expression is about expressing who you are, it’s about taking what’s inside you;  thoughts, feelings, ideas and finding a way to express that in the world.” 

“ The drawing exercises I have developed, improve concentration and help us to slow down, to listen to our own voice...and create ideas and creative solutions to presenting problems.” 

 “I’ve been so amazed at the drawings workshop participants create and the connection they feel to their creations.”   “So much creative expression has been removed or drastically reduced in our school curriculum...tragic..because this is the stuff that grows intelligence..."